Friday, 16 December 2016



纽约 - 钢铁森林

1) 生活不是单行线,一条路走不通,你还可以转弯。
Life is not a one-way road, a road impassability,You can also turn

2) 不要害怕别人反对,记住,风筝是逆着风而不是顺着风飞上天的。
Don't be afraid of others oppose, remember, a kite is flying against the wind rather than with the wind of heaven

3) 人生得意时找出路,失意时才有退路。
When life appeared, frustrated but not retreat

4) 生命不在于活得长与短,而在于顿悟的早与晚。
Life is not to live long and short, but lies in the realization of early and late

5) 没有目标的人永远为有目标的人去努力。
No target man forever for people have a goal to work on

6) 学历代表过去,财力代表现在,学习力代表未来。
Degree represents the past, financial representative now, learning force on behalf of the future

7) 聪明的人看得懂,精明的人看得准,高明的人看得远。
Smart people can read, shrewd people look, clever people see far

8) 人生最重要的不是努力,不是奋斗,而是抉择。
The most important thing in life is not hard, not struggle, but choice

9) 泪水和汗水的化学成分相似,但前者只能为你换来同情,后者却可以为你赢得成功。
Tears and sweat of chemical composition similar, but the former can only for you for sympathy, the latter can be a success for you

10) 意外和明天不知道哪个先来。没有危机是最大的危机,满足现状是最大的陷阱。
Accident and tomorrow don't know which come first. No crisis is the biggest crisis, satisfy the current situation is the biggest trap

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